Breaking Through Loss

by Lynn Hope Thomas

One Powerful Story. One Scientific Method.

Unless you address the issues the universe sends you, the universe will repeat, and each time it will do so with a stronger force…

This autobiography covers the topic of loss and grief and also offers:

Insight into complicated grief; An authentic, balanced result from feeling the emotions, which is underpinned by a reproducible scientific method; and a fly-on-the-wall account of inspirational progress following the method.

How much pain can you tolerate?

The benefits of reading this book are that it will…

  • give insight into sibling loss and grief during childhood;
  • touch your heart with honesty over how harsh the universe can be;
  • give insight into a complicated loss and grief story that covers death, divorce and job loss;
  • help you to understand complications of repeated loss and grief and teach you the need for authentic balance to emotions to prevent repeats;
  • tell you how you can bring authentic balance to emotions; and
  • show you the firsthand benefits of practice of the method.

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